Alena Gililova

Alena Gililova Ananda Mandira

Let me present a new teacher in Ananda Mandira yoga studio:

Her name is Alena Gililova

Born and brought up in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

After giving birth to 3 sons she took a great interest in yoga first as an amateur and practitioner herself. Soon after the hobby turned out to become a soul calling: “I realized that I wanted to spread my passion for yoga and its philosophy to other people, help them see its enormous benefits and energy boost regular practices can give you”.

She graduated several hatha yoga teacher courses, is a registered professional teacher by INTERNATIONAL YOGA ALLIANCE, completed courses of known and respected in a Russian-speaking community yoga masters such as Mikhail Pavlov, Gleb Loginov, Ilya Juravlev and others.
In 2021 she finished her advanced course as a teacher of breathing technics with Yoga_method project.

Constantly improving and deepening her knowledge not only in yoga field but in philosophy, physiology, esoterics, public speaking and more.

“My classes and workshops are a mixture of different techniques, methods and knowledge I collected thoroughly during the years of my studyings and personal practice.

I’m always happy to share and let more and more people to know how enhancing and empowering these practices could be.

I give Hatha Yoga classes tuesdays and thursdays in Ananda Mandira 9:30-11:00