What is yoga

The word Yoga means "union." First union with oneself, the integration of all the layers and strata that make up the personal structure. And later, the conscious union of the individual with the universe that surrounds him.

Performing a Yoga session is to open a parenthesis within the busy daily life to have the opportunity to reconnect with our body, mind and spirit through postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), conscious relaxation (shavasana), practices of concentration (dharana) and finally meditation (dhyana).

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Yoga is the art of personal balance and spiritual harmony, being, at the same time, an ideal instrument to take care of the body and calm the mind. Thus, the possibility of reaching a state of inner peace and a deep knowledge about oneself is obtained.

This requires both acceptance and knowledge and study of the fragmentation and analysis with which we have arranged the world around us, an expression of the interior. Only then can the connection between the different sheaths flow, unfolding our inner being in a beautiful way.