The Dermapen is a pencil-shaped device composed of 11 titanium microneedles (tiny and ultra-fine as well as painless) that help to naturally stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, acting on the patient's own cells, which produce it. .
This new, trendy treatment, recently marketed in beauty centers and clinics, is ideal for those who want to have a much more perfect skin, visibly without wrinkles, smoother and more toned.

It is recommended for all those women who want stretch your skin without surgical methods and also for all those who wish to eliminate stretch marks from any part of the body, as well as acne or wound scars, first wrinkles and enlarged pores. It is also excellent when there are skin pigmentation problems.

It is a totally approved technique, which works by means of micro-punctures on the skin, favoring the entry of active principles, which depending on your skin type the specialist may include (vitamins, silicon, hyaluronic acid ...) and forcing it to produce that collagen to act on these punctures, causing a series of natural biological reactions that favor:

-The awakening of a much healthier, smoother, aesthetically more beautiful skin without imperfections
-The disappearance of crow's feet and the first lines of expression on the forehead and lips.
-Things to rise, avoiding sagging double chin and drooping cheekbones.

The great advantage and novelty that they present is that their method of action is faster, and less aggressive for the skin than injections of mesoterapiaIn addition, the nutrients that are injected will be used more and will penetrate better.

APPLICATIONS: What is the Dermapen used for and when is it used?

The Dermapen is also used for people who have pigmentation problems, making the skin tones even out.
Although it is not the only thing, since it is recommended in:

• Chronic cases of acne that leave scars
• Rosacea (chronic and inflammatory skin condition)
• Dark circles and bags under the eyes
• Suffering from scars caused by surgery
• Stains created by the sun
• Age spots
• Pores that are too dilated and large
• Correction of imperfections (forehead wrinkles, fine lines, smile and lip lines, crow's feet)
• Visible neck wrinkles
• Facial decay without lifting.

The number of sessions that each person will need is variable, and depends on how marked the wrinkles are. Obviously, mature skin may need 3-4 more sessions than younger skin, depending on its initial state. It is recommended to do one session every fifteen days, at first, and then space them out to see effective results.

Dermapen results

After applying the Dermapen treatment, you will notice slight redness and sensitivity, something that is totally normal.
These symptoms disappear after 2-3 hours and you will gradually notice how your skin changes for the better.
After 2 days, the final result will be visualized, with a perfect skin, without any type of mark or scar, more revitalized and shiny, and without traces of the signs of age. The skin increases not only in toning but also in hydration.
A follow-up session can be done every year or every two years. Your aesthetic doctor will make the recommendations you need according to your case. The price per session varies depending on the clinic where you go, but usually reaches the 100-200 euros.

Possible side effects and contraindications of Dermapen

At the end of the Dermapen treatment, you may notice sensitivity to the sun, so they will recommend using a sunscreen for at least two days after the treatment.
You will also not be able to apply makeup and exercise that makes you sweat intensely, since there could be an infection in the pores of your skin. (At least the next 2 days)
The Dermapen is contraindicated in mothers who are breastfeeding and pregnant, also in people who have a significant skin lesion, with wounds that are still healing and chronic skin diseases.


Price € 90 per session

4 sessions voucher € 280