Transpersonal Therapy

What defines the Transpersonal therapy is that it recognizes the importance of dimensions spiritual and the evolutionary potential of consciousness. His methodology approximates the dialogue between Western psychological practice and certain principles of Eastern spiritual traditions.

"Transpersonal"it means:

  • Beyond personality: what we are is not limited to our personality, so it is limiting to identify ourselves exclusively with the body, the ego or the personality.
  • Go through the personal, the mask, transcend the limits of the person, of the ego, recover the spiritual aspect of the human being. To do this, we must start precisely with the personal, which is biographical programming, neurosis, something that can be transcended, without this meaning "skipping it."
  • In fact, it is a mistake to “skip it”: some think that transpersonal experiences are achieved by pointing to positive thinking, easy spirituality or the values of freedom and harmony. But this reduced vision may actually be a leak: We cannot ignore the painful aspects, crisis and shadows, which are worked on in traditional psychotherapy. Is about go through them to arrive at a new understanding, not to take an avoidant and spiritual detour.

The purpose of Transpersonal Psychology is develop potential of human beings. Study and investigate the interactions of the psyche with our sense of identity, and establishes methods and therapeutic applications for transcendthe ego and heal possible psychological problems that limit us consciously or unconsciously.

 The "transpersonal" operates through the personal. The transpersonal goes beyond the person, something that does not exactly mean that it happens "instead of the person." In this evolutionary stage in which we find ourselves, the healthy thing is to walk through the ego to other territories of consciousness and avoid the denial of the ego as a requirement for ascent.

We evolve and mature through our fears, through our desires, our contradictions, our conflicts and through a sustained observation of the process and the problem that happens between the internal parts of our own person. In reality, fighting our dual ego is a losing battle, one can polish his character as the one who polishes his shoes, but the shoe is still a shoe. That is, the ego is still the ego, and that means duality and time, with its night and its day, with its black and white, with its light and its shadow.

Instead of living in conflict. Our learning in the ego field is to broaden our minds enough to make room for disagreement and opposition between internal parts. Remember that the best victory is the one in which everyone wins. It is about opening enough internal space to the contradiction and witnessing it with the greatest possible detachment. JM Doria

 Transpersonal therapy guides the patient to a sustained observation.An attestation that in itself is curative, since the subject, in addition to observing the mental content, as a consequence of this observation, proceeds to disidentify progressively from him, ("they are just thoughts of my mind").

Actually the role of the awareness in this process it is decisive, since it is both an object and an instrument of change. But it does not neglect the fundamental need to take responsibility for oneself in the world and in one's relationships, it encourages the proper management of needs. physical, mental, emotional and spiritualof the patient.

Price per session:

First session 1h 30 min: 70 euros

Second session: 1h 50 euros

Package of 6 sessions 240 euros (10 euros discount per session)