Tibetan bowls

Sound therapy is done with metal instruments called Tibetan bowls. Striking or rubbing them with a drumstick produces a sound laden with harmonics of a healing nature.

The patient lies down, closes his eyes and concentrates exclusively on the sound that is produced when playing. Tibetan bowls have been created with conscience and intention and are used as guides in ceremonial rites, astral travel, awakening of consciousness and in curing illnesses both physically, psychically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

All sound-based therapy is based on the principle of resonance, whereby a more intense and harmonic vibration infects a weaker, dissonant or unhealthy one.

The frequency has the ability to modify to another frequency, in addition, the sound modifies our waves, helping us to enter other levels of consciousness where healing, spontaneous and mystical states are possible, making us more receptive to self-healing.

Apart from all this, every time a sound is produced, the harmonics appear. These harmonics have highly beneficial effects on our body and on our energy field. We cannot hear these tones that are outside our auditory field, yet we can resonate with them.

Sometimes during the session with the bowls I add the voice, our most healing instrument. I sing different vowels that correspond to the chakras or some mantra that is related to the intention of the specific work. Sometimes the work can be finished with a small gong bath which, through its thousands of vibrations, enhances the healing energy even more.

  • Price 1 hour, € 60

Tibetan small bowls