Sound therapies

I want to tell you about the sound therapy that I teach at Ananda Mandira. This is to give you an idea of what a session is like and the many benefits that you can obtain by attending one or more sessions.

"Sound Healing" or sound therapy is an ancient therapy that has become increasingly popular in our western society in recent decades. It has been used by shamans for thousands of years, and in a Western context, Pythagoras was one of the first people to understand the importance of sound.

Sound Healing can help in many ways, one example is that it has been shown that high tones or frequencies destroy cancer cells.

The experience of sound is immediate: relax your mind and body as soon as you start. In addition, the mind does not resist "opposing" the sound that somehow invades the totality of who you are and a relaxation arises that gradually deepens.

The intention that I have as a healer (what I think or what I focus on before and during the treatment) is very important, this intention is defined during the previous communication with the patient, where wishes, matters to heal, ailments, shadows are transmitted etc. The patient's own intention also helps healing.

Nothing bad or harmful can happen in a session: sound and intention combine to give the patient health and heal.

Sound Healing can be said to work in two ways:

1) on an energetic level

2) through hearing.

Both balance and heal the person's body and mind.

  • How does sound therapy work?
  • Discoveries in the field of quantum physics have opened the door to ancient information that everything in the Universe is in a state of motion. Everything that moves has a frequency, and everything that has a frequency can be heard as sound.
  • Because the human hearing range is very limited (ca 20-20,000 Hz), we cannot hear most of the noise in the Universe. However, planets, trees, skin and organs, etc. they have their own frequency.
  • In Sound Healing, I usually play healing instruments such as quartz bowls, metal bowls, use the flute, shamanic drum, shell, and sing elongated vocal sounds and tones. These frequencies balance all the organs and tissues that are related to the frequencies that are produced.
  • We can imagine the human body as an orchestra. If someone in the orchestra loses the score (gets sick) and starts playing their own songs, the whole orchestra (the body) gets distracted and disharmony begins. Sound Healing is what gives the score back to the person who lost it (the correct frequency of the organ) so that the entire orchestra can play in harmony.
  • The ear is connected to ten of the twelve cranial nerves. The most important of these is the Vagus Nerve, which connects to the ear, throat, lungs, heart, and many other important organs. The calming sounds send a message through the vagus nerve, calming the breath and slowing the heart rate, relaxing the mind and the whole body.


Nobody escapes us that in a society like ours, where the stress that causes so many ills that range from cardiovascular diseases to depression dominates, it is necessary, first of all, to achieve relax.

As we all know, stress is the main door of the disease so that is where I focus and not on the specific symptom. To achieve that necessary calm, specific sound frequencies must be worked on, something that can be carried out thanks to certain instruments and songs, such as Hindu mantras. They are vibrational patterns already designed for that healing purpose.

The voice

It is without a doubt the most healing instrument that exists. With my voice I can project healing frequencies, harmonics, mantras and intonations. According to Jonathan Goldman in the written book of "The 7 secrets of healing sounds (2010)" he tells us that using the voice to heal is called intonation and is the oldest and most natural form of nation through sound that exists. I use intonation to lengthen vowels or sounds to find the frequency that best resonates with you. It is an effective way of projecting the intention through the sounds that I am emitting.

During the sound session or vibrational concert the brain activity can go from the Beta to the Alpha state and finally reach the Theta. Reaching these states means achieving INNER PEACE AND VERY DEEP RELAXATION. Sound rebalances us, transforms us and heals us.


And what happens when a person has a specific disease and comes to me. First of all, it must be taken into account that when a patient is interested in something as novel as sound therapy, it is either because conventional medicine has failed him or because he senses that there is something else and wants to support his treatment with another therapy. Many are aware that they need to work their mind, their emotions and their spirit and, after the sessions, they feel better and find results that go beyond the strictly physical or emotional benefits. In addition, most end up taking a new perspective on their illness and enjoy all the benefits that meditation has already been shown to have.

It must also be borne in mind that from the point of view of Eastern medicine, all physical ailments are a direct effect of an emotional imbalance.

People with anxiety, depression or other illnesses.

A person with depression is usually a person with a significant mental tangle, so the first thing I try to do is to relax that tangle, unlocking stress and emotional turmoil. For this I try to clean and balance the energy field (physical, mental and emotional) to later be able to address with the sound aspects of output for his ailment, such as his discernment, his personal power or his intuition. Of course, you have to know that what I work are the origins of the diseases, so the treatment will depend on the cause that originated it and the emotion that is operating at that time.

Today we have many articles that relate the practice of music therapy in communication disorders such as autism,the attention deficit, learning disorders, and so on. And also in diseases like Alzheimer'sand the dementia, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, oncology

It is more than proven that the benefits of sound therapy in the field of fibromyalgiaare clear. The important thing is that science is being built that assesses and evaluates a systematic way of working with music, sound and the human being in an integral way to obtain the best results

Sound Healing Sessions:  

Duration: 1h

(45 min of therapy, with a time between 10-15 min of prior consultation where we “fine-tune” the patient's condition.)

Here there is the possibility of communicating where you are at that precise moment in your life and placing that intention for me as a therapist and also for the patient.

The steps of a session are:

Sound diagnosis with pendulum by enzyme of the chakras,

Tibetan bowls,

Song and vocal nuances,

Crystal Bowls and

Shamanic drum rooting.

Gongs (After the first two sessions it may be that gongs are also added in the session depending on the receptivity of the patient.)

The patient normally lies face down for the first half of the session and relaxes. (Many people deeply relax and fall asleep.)

The session ends with Reiki or Diksha where the patient receives the universal energy through my hands.

The patient is brought back from very deep relaxation, and usually feels well rested and ready to go about their day. It is advisable to “be calm after the session since inevitably the purification at the physical, energetic and spiritual level is taking effect and it may be that the patient becomes tired or a little fatigued.

It is recommended to observe the process itself and drink a lot of water.

Price 50 euros / session

6 session voucher 40 euros / session

A minimum of 6 sessions is recommended to obtain the maximum result.


“The massage and bowl session with Sofi is truly transformative. The massage relaxes the body so that the vibrations enter and readjust the energy body. There is no equal massage. I feel totally relaxed afterwards because it goes much further than just a massage. Touch the soul and you feel a high state of relaxation, well-being, and presence that lasts for days! You can tell that he works in depth and my physical and emotional ailments improve a lot. One hundred percent recommended. You have to try it! "

Tania Mater