Pedro seran
 About Ananda Mandira I can say:
 That Sofi, my teacher and director of the center, made me change my way of life, leading me to a new way of facing the day with a tranquility and spiritual peace that I did not have before I met her. It is my true GUIDE and I hope to always have it.

- Regarding the center, say that I have only met two more in Madrid and if I have to make a comparison of Ananda Mandira and them Win a ten against a five.

We have the best

Paloma Rivaya Méndez

When I want to dive into the infinite Sofi with his instrumental sessions directs me to him! In a very loving and sweet way. I can get to a state that is quite complicated in another way.
She guides the session as she feels…. MAGICAL moments ❤

Simona Rychtecky williams

 I have moved to San Pedro de Alcantara only six months ago. As I'm a very regular practitioner of yoga, I immediately looked for classes and yoga studios that could correspond to my wishes. The most important one was to find a studio where there was a strong philosophy of yoga and its traditions, the second one was a place where I could be totally myself, never judged and in peace. In fact I was searching for authenticity. I must admit that I tried several ones around Marbella before knowing Anandamandira. Since then, I have never had any thought to change. I found my place! A place of peace, serenity and kindness.
I practice with Sofi who is the owner of the studio and her classes bring me everything I need, and more! Yoga practice soft or strong, depending on the days, breathing exercises, relaxation and what I particularly love is the use of instruments at the end of the class and her beautiful voice of ella when she chants. Moreover her classes are never the same, it is always a surprise that I appreciate! After the class, I feel self-centered, regenerated and happy!
Thanks to her and her dedication to yoga and to all she organizes for us. We are really lucky!