Shamanic breathwork

Our breath is our connection to the invisible world.

Shamanic Breathwork uses a conscious blend of timeless wisdom from ancient Shamanic traditions and new paradigm healing techniques to create a sacred space for Journeying.

With ceremony and rituals to invite spirits and connect with our own guides through a breathing technique that enables you to access the inner awareness of your heart-mind.

A soundscape of music toned to the frequency of each of the seven chakras created especially for this practice leads you through a transformative experience, beyond the limits of self connecting you with your own inner Shaman.

This work is intended for personal growth and increased consciousness.

This event is FREE, and appropriate for everyone over 16 years.

If you can breathe, you can do this.

Please book your space as it is limited.


*Connecting with your true self, and discovering your unique gifts

*Letting go of suffering, and “old” or blocked emotions

*Reduction and deep relaxation

*Increased consciousness, perception and creative abilities

*Discover your soul’s purpose

*Break through limiting patterns, behaviours, beliefs and unhealthy relationships

*Heal your past and make peace with your present

*Increased energy and integration of emotions

*Mental clarity (no “brain fog”)

*Boosts the immune system

*Detoxing lungs