Calling the courageous you!

Sunday, 24th November 09:30-17:30

No one has ever discovered they are less than what they think they are! -Amara Samata-

Move into a deeper understanding of yourself in this truly remarkable journey of rediscovering the essence and power of your being.

An invitation to wake up!
This workshop is for you who already are on a journey of self-awareness and/or have a deep longing for discovering what that void in you are calling for.

It is work that requires courage to authentically explore and rediscover the true you. With a strong willingness to embrace the uncomfortable vulnerable stage of surrendering, you will experience and see your pain and limitations for what they are so you can move past them.

Shamanic journey!
In the journey you will face your deeply rooted patterns of subconscious believes that are preventing you from living the exceptional joyful life you where meant to live. They will be challenged to emerge and with your willingness to let go, powerful shamanic techniques will support you to cut and release their grip on you.

This is not for the faint hearted!
I don’t say that to scare you away. I say it so you understand it takes your commitment to take full responsibility for your life and its unfolding. There is no room for victim thinkers in this process. It is a power ride in its most brilliant expression.

We will explore, dance, shake, breath, expand, journey and celebrate our brilliant existence together.

My job is to play the tunes of love… your job is to receive it!

It is my highest intention to guide you through this process of self-discovery from the love that I am, so you can live from the love that you are. Lets shine together as uniquely as we possibly can.

Welcome courageous soul!

Harriet A Elisabeth


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